Bureau d'études

With a solid expertise in electronic engineering and a dedicated design office, TDM designs on-board electronic equipment as standard or made-to-meausre. We offer solutions tailored to your projects and needs.


Project management

Pour une meilleure synergie, nous faisons participer nos collaborateurs en espace ouvert. Nous travaillons sur des projets de recherche et développement via notre bureau d’études interne.

In order to meet the requirements of our customers, TDM must design quality products. These qualities standards translate with us into obtaining essential certifications to work in the defense and aeronautics sector mainly.


Build To Spec & MOTs

Quality and customer satisfaction in product performance are our main concerns.

Our entire team is at your disposal to design a solution adapted to your specifications.

Nous proposons des MOTs « Modified COTs» basés sur nos propres produits et l’adaptons à vos besoins.


de travail

Work scope

Our activities cover a broad spectrum, from research and development of cutting-edge technologies to the provision of strategic consultancy services. We are committed to meeting our customers' needs in fields such as aeronautics, defence and advanced electronics.

Electronic Engineering

Our engineers offer a very broad scope of action to meet all of your needs.

We can support you with : video transport, video processing and compression, audio processing, data acquisition and communication, integration and maintenance.

Software Engineering

TDM develops your software for both on-board applications and PC applications.

Our engineers have significant experience on different types of processors and microcontrollers based on ARM, PowerPC, PIC but also on PC type architectures (Intel, AMD) and softcores (NIOS II, µBlaze) or even on-board Linux (Xenomai, FreeRTOS, µCOS, …)

FGPA Engineering

TDM produces your fast, complex, constrained environment FPGA designs to specifications, for your target board or as part of our electronics and software engineering services.

We also support you in the design of your FPGA-based electronic cards : choice of matrix, peripheral components, pin assignment, etc.

Mechanical Engineering

Our engineers have a great experience in installing electronic cards in mechanical boxes.

We work with Fusion 360 (Autodesk suite), a Computer Aided Design (CAD) software which allows us to model all the designed mechanics as well as the electronic cards for better integration and good sizing of our products. 


CSR commitments

TDM is a French company that attaches importance to sustainable growth to its develoment. To reconcile a better economic development, respect for human rights and environmental protection, the company has implemented a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach.

Sustainable development is a development that meets current needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

In order to take sustainable development into account, TDM is committed to an approach that takes into account the impacts of its decisions and activities on society and the environment. This translates into transparent and ethical behavior towards our employees, our shareholders and our customers.

Our commitment is defined through these 7 priority points :

Organizational governance is the system by which an organization makes and implements decisions to achieve its objectives.

Concerning TDM, management ensures good governance, respecting ethics and transparency. By bringing together employees with complementary personalities and experiences, the company ensures compliance with its guidelines and the guarantee of management in the interest of the company, its employees and its customers.

Also, every week, management, the Design Office, sales management and project managers meet to monitor current projects by identifying the material and human needs to be allocated. But also to decide on the prioritization of projects based on resources.

TDM also holds a meeting every two months with all employees to discuss current projects.

In its quest for good governance, the company also holds a meeting every three months with staff representatives to discuss about the environement in the company.

It is never easy for SMEs to change society on human rights issues. But we can get there if in each company, whatever its size or sector of activity, we take the first step by becoming aware of the existing issues.

At our level, we are committed to respecting Human Rights in our sphere of influence on the following points :


  • The elimination of all forms of forced or unequal labor :

Thus, all our employees have an employment contract and the same working conditions as all of the company’s employees.

  • Gender inequalities :

By guaranteeing equal pay and also ensuring that there is no discrimination in hiring, regardless of the position concerned.

  • Fight against poverty :

Through our commitment to the professional integration of young people, TDM also ensures equal opportunities for all our candidates.

Our employees are the first to be affected by our CSR approach. This approach applies to working conditions, social protection, the fight against discrimination, social dialogue, the development of human capital, health and safety at work, and the diversity and mix of teams.

We promote diversity and equal opportunities and our long-term goal is to reflect the diversity of French society in our recruitment and to create every day the conditions for a professional future that is fair and open to all. Our group does not apply any quotas and does not take religious, sexual or other criteria into account when hiring.

We contribute to the construction of career paths. By responding to both individual and collective skills development challenges. Thus, the company does not hesitate to integrate interns and work-study students into its teams.

We take the well-being of our employees at work seriously. This is why we have put in place suitable equipment so that our employees can feel fulfilled in our premises. For example, we have adapted our premises by fitting out larger, fully air-conditioned offices. We have set up two terraces with chairs and parasols so that our employees can have their lunches outside and enjoy the sun. We have also set up a relaxation room to provide a place for friendly and relaxing moments.

We protect the physical integrity of our employees. We act alongside our employees and suppliers to avoid accidents and improve working conditions. For example, we have created a document raising awareness of the risks of working on a computer, accessible to all of our employees. We have also put in place a document detailing the essential safety conditions for our employees who are in the workshop.

Each organization, depending on its activity, location and structure, has an impact on the environment. TDM Ingénierie aims to reduce its environmental footprint.

Here are some of the company's actions to achieve this objective :

  1. Compliance with heating and air conditioning regulations to minimize excessive use of these systems.

  2. Raising awareness among employees to turn off their computers in the evening and on weekends to save energy.

  3. Project to install solar panels to further reduce energy consumption.

TDM is also committed to reducing its carbon footprint by replacing its vehicle fleet with hybrid and electric models, as well as by encouraging the use of bicycles by its employees.

In the future, the company will improve its paper waste management by promoting recycling, which will save resources, reduce chemical waste and create jobs. In addition, the use of Electronic Document Management (EDM) will reduce paper consumption.

Fair practices include the ethical conduct of an organization's transactions as well as relationships with public bodies, partners, suppliers, subcontractors, customers, competitors and associations.

Our company has chosen to base its development on principles of integrity and honesty with all stakeholders.

We are committed to ensuring the application of the principle of fair competition and we have also promoted social responsibility within our company.

Following the evolution of the relationship between customers and companies, transparency and accountability have become current issues.

Our company is committed to total transparency and honesty towards its customers and future customers.

This involves the following elements : implementation of a quality approach

By obtaining the ISO 9001 and EN 9100 certificate, the company demonstrates its rigor in providing our customers with quality products. We are part of the quest for customer satisfaction through our products which meet their requirements. With this in mind, the company is working hard to obtain PART 145 certifications (which will recognize our quality in maintenance for aircraft) and FR21G (which will give us the right to make equipment for aircraft of the air defense).

CSR also translates into programs for the local community in terms of development, support for business creation, assistance for public infrastructure, etc.

TDM takes to heart its integration and interaction with the countries, territories and communities in which it operates. How ?

By encouraging the supply of components manufactured by French or European companies and favoring subcontracting of French companies.

TDM is also a dynamic player in employment, thanks to the numerous internship and work-study offers which allow young people to acquire experience in several fields of engineering. Beyond that, the company continues to expand and open new positions within it. For example, we have doubled our number of employees over the last 30 months.

Nos compétences


Eclispe (GCC), Xilinx SDK, Altera NIOS II EDS, Visual Studio, NetBeans, Qt Creator, CCS (PIC), CodeWarrior (PowerPC), Code Composer Studio (DSP Texas),  National Instruments : Lab Windows CVI, LabView, Test Stand, Autoconf tools (Linux), Industrial Vision : Matrox MIL & NI Vision




DAO : Catia V5, Simulation of Static Control, Autodesk Fusion 360

Analysis Tools

Valgring, CppCheck

Configuration Management

SVN (versioning), MANTIS (bug tracking)

Virtual Machines

Oracle VirtualBox



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