Artificial Intelligence

TDM, créée en 1994 par Marc De Tapol, ingénieur en électronique, est devenue une entreprise de haute technologie de premier plan, remplie d’innovations. TDM développe actuellement son approche sur l’Intelligence Artificielle appliquée au traitement automatisé de la vidéo.

Développement - innovations

An innovative project

The first goal is to create an automatic threat detector for the surroundings of an aircraft, in an airport environment, taking into account the movement of the aircraft and surrounding entities. The starting point is : object detection and identification, as presented in the videos on this page.


& partenaires

Projection and partners

For example, TDM works in parallel on the subject of person recognition. More precisely, we work with detection and recognition of text and faces to automate the association between the face and the name present on an identity document or a person's badge. This could be useful in automating the restriction of access to certain vehicles or certain places.

TDM aims to expand its development in this environment. We are therefore simply looking for partners who can offer us use cases so that we can in return offer you a complete solution that meets your needs.

This solution would cover the entirety of a problem, this means that TDM will be able to provide you with a system ranging from video capture (camera) through image processing (processors) and up to display and triggering alarms (screens/signal transmitters).


A diversity of uses

This project is in development with the idea of ​​making it as flexible as possible, therefore the detection methods as well as the databases used can be changed at any time. In this way, the intelligent system can handle a wide variety of themes. We could think about the detection and identification of :

  • Potentially dangerous behaviors,
  • Illegal intrusions,
  • Falling objects or people,
  • Lost objects,
  • Attempted thefts or assaults,
  • Identity falsification, and many others…



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